Why is my computer performing so slowly? – Hi5 Jamaica Services

Here at Hi5 Jamaica Services, we have seen lots of computers come in with issues of being super slow. In most cases, the issue comes down to three things;

Virus, Malware, Spamware etc

This is the number one cause of slow computers.


Corrupted, clogged, old System Software etc

By this, we mean your windows or in a few cases your MacOs. Overtime your software becomes clogged, especially in the case of Windows.


Failing Hard Drive

Nobody wants to hear that their hard drive is failing but sadly, it is also often the case. A failing hard drive will freeze and take a while to fetch data.


What can you do?

Contact Hi5 Jamaica Services for help, we can help figure out exactly what is wrong with your computer. Check out our System restoration services for more info.



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